Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I become a mystery shopper?
    Simply complete the online application form using the link below.
    Apply to become a mystery shopper
  2. What does mystery shopping involve?
    The purpose of mystery shopping is to assess the standards of service provided to customers. We call mystery shops ‘assignments’ and they may involve you making a telephone call or visiting a location to evaluate the service provided. Sometimes these assignments may ask you to use and assess websites and even home delivery services.

    Some mystery shopping assignments also need you to make a purchase and / or a return. If we need you to do this, we will give you the details, including any reimbursements, in the assignment offer.

    Once you have completed your assignment, we will ask you to key your results online within 24 hours of the mystery shop, unless otherwise specified in your assignment briefing.
  3. How long will each mystery shopping assignment take?
    The length of time each assignment takes will vary depending on the type of mystery shop that it is. Generally, assignments take no more than 30 minutes to complete. In addition to this is the time taken for you to familiarise yourself with the questionnaire and briefing, and to submit your results on the web.
  4. How often will I be assigned mystery shopping assignments?
    The type of work we undertake often requires matching the customer profile of our clients so the number of assignments offered to you will vary depending on your profile. The more information we hold for you the more likely we are to be able to offer you assignments.
  5. How will I know if there are any assignments in my area?
    We will contact you as soon as there are assignments available in your area that match your profile. This is likely to be via email or telephone.
  6. Do I have to accept every assignment you offer me?
    No - you can choose which assignments you would like to accept and it is not compulsory to accept every one that you are offered. Please only accept those assignments that you are sure you can complete.
  1. Will I need to complete assignments on a specific day and time?
    Yes – when you are offered an assignment we will tell you when it needs to be completed. When you accept the assignment, you will need to check the time of day the assignment must be completed and then confirm which date you will do it. If, once you have accepted an assignment and you find that you cannot meet the timelines, please contact us straight away, as in some cases, we may be able to change the date and time.
  2. When do I have to return my results?
    All results must be keyed into our online system within 24 hours of the mystery shop taking place, unless otherwise specified in your assignment briefing. We reserve the right to withhold any or all of the shopper fees to be paid to you if you do not return your results in the specified time period.
  3. How do I return my results?
    Log in and go into ‘Your scheduled assignments’. Then simply find the relevant assignment and click on ‘Enter results’.
  4. How much will I be paid?
    The amount we pay per assignment varies depending on its length and complexity. We will always tell you how much we will be paying you when we offer you the assignment.
  5. How will I be paid?
    We will pay you directly into your nominated bank account via electronic transfer (BACS). You can change which bank account you are paid in to by logging in and going to the “My Details” section of the site.
  6. When will I be paid?
    All completed assignments must pass our quality control before being paid. We process payments twice a month, on the 1st and 15th of each month (or the nearest working day if these fall on a weekend or Bank Holiday), and you will usually receive your payment 3 to 4 weeks after completing an assignment.
  7. Do I need to keep a receipt?
    If you are required to make a purchase as part of your assignment, you will need to keep your receipt. You may need to send us your receipt or provide us with receipt details, as proof of your visit.
  1. How long do I have to keep my completed questionnaire?
    You must keep your printed paperwork and any receipts for at least three months after the visit in case we have any queries.
  2. Am I employed by Grass Roots?
    No – you are not employed by Grass Roots. You act as a consultant in respect of the assignments that you complete for us and we will not deduct PAYE or National Insurance from the fees that we pay you.
    Please note that you are responsible for declaring your earnings to the Inland Revenue. On request we can supply details of all sums paid to you within the relevant tax year.
  3. What qualities/skills are required to be a mystery shopper?
    We require our mystery shoppers to be observant, conscientious, reliable and passionate about customer service. In addition, a good memory helps you to recall what you need to do on the visits, as you cannot take our paperwork into the outlet with you.
  4. What is the 'mystery' around mystery shopping?
    The mystery is that you do not disclose that you are carrying out a shopping assignment. So you complete the visit in secret - in a low key manner. You act normally, as if you are just out shopping. You do not take our instructions/ questionnaire with you into the outlet or refer to them immediately outside. And, although we ask you to complete the questionnaire immediately after your visit, again you must do this out of sight of the location you are visiting.
  5. What training will I receive from Grass Roots?
    Once you have registered with us, you will receive a password that enables you to access our dedicated mystery shopping website. This is where you will be able to manage your assignments, submit your questionnaires and check your payments.
    When you accept an assignment with us, you will receive detailed briefing instructions. Should you have any questions when you have read this brief, a telephone number will be provided for you to call one of our Research Operations team to clarify your queries/receive more guidance. In addition, our team will closely monitor the results of your initial assignment for Grass Roots and they will provide you with feedback on the questionnaire you have submitted online, where necessary.
  6. Can the outlet identify me as a mystery shopper in the future if I go in there?
    No, we do not reveal the identity of mystery shoppers to the locations you visit. If there are any assignments where your identity may be required to be supplied to our clients, then we will advise you of this prior to you accepting the assignment.