About Mystery Shopping


Grass Roots has been mystery shopping for a large number of international clients for over 25 years. Our mystery shopping work covers many different sectors including:

  • High Street Retail
  • Restaurant and fast food
  • Hotel and leisure
  • Banking and financial services
  • Automotive

We aim to ensure that our mystery shoppers provide an accurate picture of the customer service experience, so we use people in real situations to report what happens at the point of customer contact.
We are always looking for new shoppers to join our mystery shopping panel
It's FREE TO SIGN UP so why not apply to become a mystery shopper and you could start:

  • Being paid to go shopping, eating out or visiting your bank
  • Enjoying flexible working hours - you decide when you want to work
  • Benefiting from a flexible working location - you decide which assignments and locations you do
  • Having a say and providing constructive feedback on customer service

Apply now to be a Mystery Shopper
To apply as a mystery shopper outside the UK, visit Grass Roots global offices
Questions on Mystery Shopping

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